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Book Review

At What Cost

by Stephanie Bucklin

In a dark and unrelenting thriller, a father must hunt down a killer, all while trying to save his own sick and ailing son—until twists in the case reveal a sinister connection between the two. Detective John Penley and his partner,... Read More

Book Review

Eat Wheat

by Melissa Wuske

Gluten-free has gone from diet craze to full-scale movement. But is gluten unequivocally a substance to be avoided? That, along with similar concerns about dairy, is the question of John A. Douillard’s book. Through his experience, he... Read More

Book Review

Paris, Modigliani & Me

by Stephanie Bucklin

Eighteen-year-old Julie finds love, mystery, and adventure when she moves to Paris the summer after graduation to take a job as a nanny. Still recovering from her painful rejection from the Art Institute of Chicago, Julie soon becomes... Read More

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