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Book Review

Power Void

by John M. Murray

Clear and careful research is evinced in this thriller that concentrates on the complications of solar energy. In Edward Vickery’s timely thriller "Power Void", two nations scramble to come out on top. Professor Will Childress heads a... Read More

Book Review

A Life Rebuilt

by Mari Carlson

Emotionally satisfying without becoming sentimental, "A Life Rebuilt" is a memoir that works to come to terms with a complicated past. In her emotional memoir "A Life Rebuilt", Sylvia Gutmann forges a new future by reviving her lost... Read More

2016 Finalist for Religion

2011 GOLD Winner for Women's Issues

Book Review


by Maria Siano

In this detailed memoir, Rose-Aimee recounts her, unusual experiences growing up in a cabin in the woods of Quebec during the Great Depression, a time she refers to as a self-imposed exile, when her family lived a pioneer-like existence... Read More

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