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2016 Finalist for Romance

2016 Finalist for Religious

Book Review


by Carolyn Bailey

Conflicts with alien races are given enormous depth in this engrossingly written science fiction novel. This second installment in the thrilling young-adult science-fiction series H.A.L.F. finds teens Erika, Jack, and Tex embroiled in... Read More

Book Review

The Sons of Silas McCracken

by Susan Waggoner

This is storytelling in the tradition of Irwin Shaw or Howard Fast, full of vivid characters and rich detail. Dudley James Podbury’s "The Sons of Silas McCracken" is an accomplished and highly readable saga that traces the ambitions,... Read More

Book Review

Wind Sprints

by Peter Dabbene

This collection is the perfect introduction to the erudite and entertaining work of a prolific essayist. Noted writer Joseph Epstein offers a smorgasbord of wit in the collection Wind Sprints: Shorter Essays. With "Wind Sprints", Axios... Read More

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