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Book Review

Klippe the Viking

by Sriya Narayanan

Through relatable situations, the picture book "Klippe the Viking" encourages the verbalization of difficult feelings. In Bjorn Fyrre’s picture book "Klippe the Viking", a little girl grapples with big feelings. Through uplifting... Read More

Book Review

Van Dog

by Danielle Ballantyne

A cavalcade of characters brings a parade of color—and a little chaos—to this whimsical story about a dog determined to complete his masterpiece. Van Dog heads out into the countryside intent on painting a landscape; the frequent... Read More

Book Review

The Hammerhead Chronicles

by Eileen Gonzalez

In Scott Gould’s novel "The Hammerhead Chronicles", cycling teaches a depressed man how to cope with life, though not in the way he expected. On the day that his almost-ex-wife Peg died, Claude bought a bicycle. It is the only good... Read More

Book Review

Bratwurst Haven

by Rebecca Foster

In the dozen linked short stories of Rachel King’s gritty collection "Bratwurst Haven", lovable, flawed characters navigate aging, parenthood, and relationships. Set in Colorado in the recent past, the book depicts a gentrifying area... Read More

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