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Book Review

First Patients

by Carolina Ciucci

"First Patients" is a captivating medical history that centers the patients whose bravery made today’s scientific advancements possible. Rod Tanchanco’s "First Patients" is an engaging history of medicine that delves into the human... Read More

Book Review


by Nancy Powell

Jessie Burton’s "Medusa" is a dazzling, engrossing retelling of a classic that’s delivered with a profound feminist twist. Eighteen-year-old Medusa has been exiled to an isolated, rocky island by Athena, who cursed her and turned her... Read More

Book Review

Malkah Job

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Malkah Job" is a slow-burning thriller in which an Israeli spy has erotic encounters with men from her past. In Vasilissa Wladowsky’s erotic novel "Malkah Job", a hardened spy embarks on a mission to save her husband from the bosses... Read More

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