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Book Review

Feet of the Nevis

by Randi Hacker

In the fantasy novel "Feet of the Nevis", brave people face a dark, sinister threat to their society. In Terrence Pershall’s novel "Feet of the Nevis", the citizens of a peaceful agrarian hamlet face a supernatural wolf-man and his... Read More

Book Review


by Jeremiah Rood

A. J. Bond’s challenging self-help book "Discomfortable" suggests becoming comfortable with one’s shame. First examining what shame is, and how it impacts people’s lives, Bond mixes his own struggles into his work, including the... Read More

Book Review

Here Is a Body

by Karen Rigby

In Basma Abdel Aziz’s haunting novel about state oppression, "Here Is a Body", homeless youth are conscripted into a rehabilitation program sponsored by a general, while ordinary citizens, who oppose him, protest a recent coup. In this... Read More

Book Review

D Is for Drool

by Danielle Ballantyne

A bedtime story that flips the monster under the bed on its head, this whimsical alphabet book is a surefire hit. Ethan’s parents have told him to try counting sheep when he can’t sleep, but he prefers counting monsters. A parade of... Read More

Book Review

Searching for Jimmy Page

by Jeff Fleischer

Christy Alexander Hallberg’s novel "Searching for Jimmy Page" is a character study about loss and identity. In 1988 in North Carolina, Luna—the daughter of a single mother who committed suicide—is being raised by her maternal... Read More

Book Review

Moon Pops

by Danielle Ballantyne

Inspired by Korean folklore, this bedtime story uses cutout ink characters within detailed dioramas to depict a magical summer night, when it is so hot that the moon begins to melt. A quick-thinking grandmother wolf catches the drops in... Read More

Book Review

For Malice and Mercy

by Michele Sharpe

In the historical novel "For Malice and Mercy", two siblings draw on their inner fortitude to accept changes and make difficult choices in the chaos of World War II. In Gary W. Toyn’s historical novel "For Malice and Mercy", two German... Read More

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