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Book Review

Born in Salt

by Eileen Gonzalez

In the alternate history world of "Born in Salt", the depiction of the banality of evil is as fitting as it is chilling. A young man takes on a corrupt and vicious government in T. C. Weber’s novel "Born in Salt". The book is set in a... Read More

Book Review

Bone Broth

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Lyndsey Ellis’s thoughtful multigenerational novel "Bone Broth" is set during the days of the Ferguson protests. Justine and Wesley moved to the suburbs to escape the traps set for residents of the Pruitt-Igoe projects. But decades... Read More

Book Review

The Pocket Chaotic

by Danielle Ballantyne

Alexander is a joey who loves his mother and the familiar comfort of her pouch, but who finds that it is getting rather crowded as of late. Handfuls of sweets, a toy car, and a recorder are just some of the things Alexander finds... Read More

Book Review


by Suzanne Kamata

Through the interlocking stories of "Pleasantview", Celeste Mohammed creates a microcosm of a Trinidad rarely seen by tourists. Sunil, an escaped prisoner; Consuela, the prostitute he loves; Mr. Jagroop, Consuela’s influential client;... Read More

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