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Book Review

The Hidden Half

by Matt Sutherland

While it is politically inconvenient at times, science is certainly real and deserving of respect. Not to say that science doesn’t deserve scrutiny. Like experts in other fields, scientists too often lack the humility to acknowledge... Read More

Book Review

Egyptian Flavors

by Rebecca Foster

From dips to desserts, Dyna Eldaief’s "Egyptian Flavors" is a fond tribute to her homeland’s culinary customs. Eldaief finds that “cooking food that is part of my heritage is like looking through a portal to the past.” For her... Read More

Book Review

Earth Almanac

by Rebecca Foster

“Writing about experiences afield is a way of reliving them,” environmental reporter Ted Williams writes in "Earth Almanac", which synthesizes half a century of his nature observations into essays that mark the changing of the... Read More

Book Review


by Rebecca Hussey

In Daniel Saldaña París’s resonant novel "Ramifications", an eventful summer has ripple effects that last decades. A thirty-two-year-old man who’s lain in bed for the greater part of two years records memories from the summer of... Read More

Book Review

The Outlook for Earthlings

by Karen Rigby

Next to dazzling, bohemian Scarlet, self-effacing Mel seems circumspect. In the episodic vignettes of Joan Frank’s painstaking character study, "The Outlook for Earthlings", the two friends’ lives are traced across decades with... Read More

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