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Book Review


by John M. Murray

Origins: The Compound is a gory, gritty fantasy adventure in which a headstrong young man grapples with his sense of duty in the face of unrelenting malevolence. In Noah Kempton’s fantasy novel Origins: The Compound, an orphaned boy... Read More

Book Review


by Michelle Anne Schingler

Erica McKeen’s "Tear" is a hair-raising horror novel in which patriarchal dismissals of capable women fester across generations. During the long winter of her senior year of college, in the lone basement room of a nondescript rental... Read More

Book Review


by Attorious Renee Augustin

Kiki Petrosino collects poetic, honest, philosophical vignettes in "Bright", an investigation into the etymology of the term for lightness as it pertains to the effects of colorism and the unintended consequences of inhabiting a body... Read More

Book Review

The Family Izquierdo

by Elaine Chiew

Rubén Degollado’s resonant novel "The Family Izquierdo" maps three generations within a Mexican family on the Texas side of the Rio Grande. A family tree orients the reader among the book’s large, mixed ensemble, whose members are... Read More

Book Review

Mistletoe Winter

by Rebecca Foster

Roy Dennis is a UK wildlife conservation pioneer; in the past six decades, he has been particularly active in reintroducing birds of prey, including ospreys and white-tailed eagles. In the essays of "Mistletoe Winter", his excitement... Read More

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