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Book Review


by Carolina Ciucci

"Equilibrium" is a captivating novel in which grieving friends work together to save the world. In James Luthi’s dazzling science fiction novel "Equilibrium", a mixed group faces an ancient enemy in order to save humanity. Nick... Read More

Book Review

Human Destiny

by Karen Rigby

The historical novel "Human Destiny" follows an earnest young man’s missions in the outback. In H. B. Waldegrave’s whimsical historical novel "Human Destiny", a Queensland boy witnesses an otherworldly intervention in the clash... Read More

Book Review

Good Psych, Bad Psych

by Aleena Ortiz

"Good Psych, Bad Psych" warns prospective patients to be critical of who is providing their care. Joshua Thomas dispels misconceptions about the Australian health industry in "Good Psych, Bad Psych", a self-help book concerned with the... Read More

Book Review

Murder Most Fair

by Wendy Hinman

Anna Lee Huber’s "Murder Most Fair" is a captivating story set in post-World War I Britain. Verity Kent was a Secret Service agent during WWI. Though sworn to secrecy by the Official Secrets Act, in Germany, Verity divulged her wartime... Read More

Book Review

Something in the Blood

by Michelle Anne Schingler

A doctor and a ship’s captain have their expertise tested in the tense, storm-set novella "Something in the Blood". Phillip Messinger’s novella "Something in the Blood" is a compressed adventure story set in the stormy Pacific. Chris... Read More

Book Review

Godfrey’s Crusade

by Alex Dailey

"Godfrey’s Crusade" is a fantasy novel marked by magical lore, far-off realms, and long lines of lineage in which an imperfect knight fights for the good of others. In Mark Howard’s coming-of-age epic "Godfrey’s Crusade", a young... Read More

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