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Book Review

More than a Little

by Michelle Anne Schingler

An adoring red fox heaps encouragements upon a fluffy-tailed squirrel in this lovely rhyming picture book about sending littles into the world with confidence, because each one adds something to it that no one else can: themselves! This... Read More

Book Review

Among the Hedges

by Rebecca Hussey

In Sara Mesa’s warm, nuanced novel "Among the Hedges", a friendship blossoms, defying cultural expectations. Every day, a thirteen-year-old girl skips school, heads to the park, and spends time writing in her notebook, hidden by hedges... Read More

Book Review

Girl in the Walls

by Claire Foster

In Katy Michelle Quinn’s visceral, fervent novel "Girl in the Walls", the only queer kid in a traditional town finds a balm in an otherworldly ally. When Vernon’s family relocates from Seattle to a small town, their developing... Read More

Book Review

Becoming Sharon

by Karen Rigby

In the rich historical novel "Becoming Sharon", a woman experiences joy, disappointment, and continual self-discovery. In Suzanne Yuskiw’s historical novel "Becoming Sharon", a septuagenarian revisits her experiences with childhood... Read More

Book Review

Winter in Sokcho

by Eileen Gonzalez

In Elisa Shua Dusapin’s novel "Winter in Sokcho", a young woman has a fateful encounter with a man who is as lost as she is. Sokcho, a Korean beach resort, has little to offer tourists during the off season. But one tourist comes... Read More

Book Review


by Karen Rigby

In Sharon Jennings’s brisk, emotional novel "Unravel", a young heroine finds the courage to separate herself from her father’s lies and uncover the truth. Though she is almost twelve, Rebecca has never attended school. She lives with... Read More

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