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Book Review

Earning It

by Karen Rigby

A former couple’s feelings are tested during a paradise vacation in the lighthearted romance novel "Earning It". Animosity turns to love in E. F. Dodd’s romance novel "Earning It", in which a woman reunites with her ex-boyfriend. Rae... Read More

Book Review

Key Man

by Jeremiah Rood

A woman in mourning pairs with two detectives to investigate a series of grisly deaths in the involving mystery novel "Key Man". In Allen K. Huffstutter’s mystery novel "Key Man", financial gains and entrepreneurship prove perilous to... Read More

Book Review

Gentlemen Callers

by Jeana Jorgensen

Evocative and erotic, Corinne Hoex’s "Gentlemen Callers" seduces its audience with dreamy vignettes. The unnamed narrator shares her dreams via thirty-three short stories, each preceded by a suggestive epigraph. She dreams of seduction... Read More

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