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Book Review

Divorce, Dog Style

by Meg Nola

At the center of Maria Flook’s "Divorce, Dog Style" is a hapless, loyal, and beloved German shepherd named Butter, who has been diagnosed with cancer and will soon be put to sleep. Butter’s impending demise brings together the... Read More

Book Review

Simple Observations

by Katie Asher

This is stand-up comedy in written form, a culmination of oftentimes universal thoughts that are given a winking twist. Patrick Dykie’s straightforwardly presented book "Simple Observations" is a humorous work that skips between... Read More

2017 SILVER Winner for General

2017 Finalist for War & Military

Book Review

House of Rougeaux

by Susan Waggoner

On a Martinique sugar plantation near the end of the eighteenth century, sister and brother Abeje and Adunbi are the first generation born into slavery. They are orphaned at an early age. Abeje grows into a healing woman with an instinct... Read More

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