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Book Review

The Escapement

by Michelle Anne Schingler

A father wrangles with his impending grief in a steampunk, Wild West alternate universe in Lavie Tidhar’s dazzling novel "The Escapement". There was once a boy so beloved that his father delighted in every memory they shared, from... Read More

Book Review

Amber & Rye

by Rachel Jagareski

Polish food authority Zuza Zak introduces the Baltic states in Amber & Rye, a stunning account of her summer tour of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Her creative versions of traditional recipes and novel use of beloved local... Read More

Book Review

Ice Rivers

by Rachel Jagareski

Glaciologist Jemma Wadham’s anguish over her field of study being besieged by climate change underpins "Ice Rivers", which introduces seven diverse glaciers. It’s an emotional, masterful science narrative that’s coupled with scenes... Read More

Book Review

The Boy Who Didn't Cry

by Claire Foster

The Boy Who Didn’t Cry is a sensationalist thriller centered on an international hunt for a missing child. In Richie Rich’s grisly, glamorous thriller The Boy Who Didn’t Cry, a team of experts handle the rescues of those caught in... Read More

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