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Book Review

Many Are Invited

by Karen Rigby

"Many Are Invited" is a fascinating psychological novel in which a man meddles in his married friends’ lives with disastrous consequences. In Dennis Cuesta’s beguiling and suspenseful novel "Many Are Invited", a man fuels a tragedy... Read More

Book Review

Alphabet Soup

by Jeana Jorgensen

"Alphabet Soup" is an educational, inviting guide to becoming an advocate for LGBTQ2+ inclusion at work. Michael Bach’s "Alphabet Soup" is a snappy, useful guide to ensuring that organizational policies include LGBTQ2+ employees. Part... Read More

Book Review

She Is Haunted

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

Grief and reckoning take many forms in Paige Clark’s expressive collection "She Is Haunted". Haunting is most often a regret that tethers one to a place or people: that is the concept at the core of this collection. Every character is... Read More

2021 SILVER Winner for Anthologies

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Ayelet Tsabari (editor), Eufemia Fantetti (editor), and Leonarda Carranza (editor)
Book*hug Press
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Book Review

A Dancer in Depth

by Mari Carlson

Dancer in Depth is a raw performer’s memoir about active periods in show business. Stanley Howard Mazin’s memoir Dancer in Depth recounts a lifetime of professional dancing and acting, with stories shared in snippets. Mazin grew up... Read More

Book Review

Human Destiny

by Karen Rigby

The historical novel "Human Destiny" follows an earnest young man’s missions in the outback. In H. B. Waldegrave’s whimsical historical novel "Human Destiny", a Queensland boy witnesses an otherworldly intervention in the clash... Read More

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