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2010 Finalist for Education

2009 GOLD Winner for Young Adult Nonfiction

2007 Finalist for Young Adult Nonfiction

Book Review

A Journey to the Truth

The Hindu Rig Veda teaches, “Truth is One, though the sages know it as many.” This teaching is one that Sam, the primary character in "A Journey to the Truth" learns as he explores the many religions and philosophies of the world.... Read More

Book Review

Growing Up with Harry

A man once told Sherman Baldwin that his father was the strongest man he ever knew. Such hyperbole is a testament to how sons see their fathers, infallible creatures of strength and wisdom. Baldwin’s father passed away from Lou... Read More

Book Review

Precious Life

“Life is wonderful if you know how to live.” These words from Nhor Latinovich’s topical tome summarize its main theme and focus. Organized into a series of approximately fifty short readings each on a particular subject the book is... Read More

Book Review

Life is Divine Play

"Life is Divine Play" is the real account of a living Daoist teacher Mark Johnson. After a few years of discontent and wanderlust in his youth Johnson decided that what he really truly wanted is to live the life of an artist in a warm... Read More

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