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You're Stronger Than You Think

The Power to Do What You Feel You Can't

The weight of the world presses down. We know we can’t possibly take one more thing. Then the phone rings. Or we view our dreams from afar and believe that achieving them is impossible. The obstacles loom like Mount Everest. Yet, as Dr. Les Parrott and Bill Dallas write in You’re Stronger Than You Think, we all possess untapped resources that allow us to overcome and even joyfully thrive.

Parrott and Dallas explore the times of weakness we all experience. Sometimes we feel crushed by life’s pain, and sometimes we feel heartbroken by unattained dreams. Yet the authors argue that we need not remain mired in that state. Strong people experience the same things; they have just learned some practical techniques that anyone can learn.

Divided into three sections—mind, heart, and soul—the book discusses the keys to strengthening each area. For the mind, it calls readers to think simply and expectantly. For the heart, it asks readers to be vulnerable and connected. And for the soul, it tells readers to empty themselves and take risks. Then each section, filled with compelling stories, offers practical steps for growing in each area.

A doctor of psychology, Les Parrott cofounded the Center for Relationship Development at Seattle Pacific University. A popular speaker, he has written several books and appeared on television and radio. He ensures each teaching remains grounded in solid psychological principles. Coauthor Bill Dallas, founder and CEO of a satellite and Internet communication company, often affirms the truth of each principle through real-life experience. (He faced imprisonment in San Quentin before transforming his life.)

The book blends a warm writing style and meaningful stories with the authoritative but gentle tone of a trusted mentor. It’s sympathetic yet hopeful, honest but inspiring. The assessment tools at first appear to be typical lightweight quizzes. However, readers will quickly acknowledge they offer down-to-earth insight and reveal hard truths. Along with sections filled with practical steps toward change, these tools keep the book from being mere fluff. While coming from a distinctly Christian perspective, nothing in it would detract readers who hold different beliefs. You’re Stronger Than You Think will suit anyone facing hardship in life or who is discouraged that their life isn’t what they expected. And although the points are sometimes slightly belabored, this book offers hope to anyone who thinks they might not hold up under life’s pressures.

Reviewed by Diane Gardner

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