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Why Geese Don't Get Obese (And We Do) AUDIO978

Well, why don’t geese get obese? The answer, clearly answered in this excellently written explanation of how evolution has affected not only humans but also many other creatures is that geese get fat, yes, but not obese—they need the fat to prepare for the long journeys that are part of their migratory pattern.

If ever a book was made for listening while
driving, this is it. The reader is outstanding, the writing is clear. By the end of the three hours the author’s lucid presentation of all kinds of topics from why birds have eyes on the sides of their heads to how shrews manage to consume enormous amounts of food without gaining weight to how the Weddell seal can stay underwater for seventy-five minutes will have enormously enriched the listener’s knowledge of the world.

This is a serious book about serious subjects, but the author and the reader have managed to make it seem both light in tone and exciting in nature. Yet it’s not a “gee whiz” book which leaves no understanding behind. By carefully walking through the various steps that have been developed through evolution for the survival of different species, the listener will gain a higher level of understanding of the natural world.

While telling about different creatures Widmaier adds a large share of little-known facts to keep listeners focused and interested. The three hours goes by almost too quickly.

Widmaier is not afraid to look to the future either. He offers suggestions for additional evolutionary changes that might take place over the next millennium.

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