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Unlock Congress

Reform the Rules - Restore the System

Golden outlines concrete solutions both concisely and with in-depth analyses to show Americans that change in Congress is possible.

The problem is clear to nearly every American: Congress is not working well. Decisions aren’t made, and problems go from bad to worse. But, according to Michael Golden, America’s broken-down, defective Congress can be fixed—which is welcome news for frustrated citizens. By tracing the problem to its roots, Golden diagnoses our national illness and writes a sensible prescription to cure it. Unlock Congress: Reform the Rules - Restore the System compellingly delivers on the promise of its subtitle.

Golden’s platform suggests changes to the way officials are elected, a re-visioning of campaign finance rules, and more. The results would create a structure that allows congresspeople to function as public servants and enables Congress to more fully reflect the nation. But knowing how to solve the problem is not the same as having solved the problem, so Golden charts a path for American’s engagement in the solution.

Politics are fraught with blaming, name calling, and overly simplistic solutions. Golden’s book is none of those. He doesn’t hesitate to call out issues but shows that they transcend individual culprits. Amid the monumental size of this issue, his response is both concise and nuanced, balancing realism and optimism.

Golden writes for a wide swath of citizens. The first part of the book is a refresher course on how Congress is structured and what its chief ends are. Those who happen to vividly recall all of that from high-school civics class can jump right to part two: the heart of his problem-solution ideas. In every part of the book, from recap to new information, Golden respects his readers. His tone is professional yet friendly, and it’s clear that he views his audience as educated and thoughtful.

This book is a great fit for citizens who, while they may not be political masterminds, want to be an active part of the political process and who genuinely want solutions to—rather than to just gripe about—the political issues that nag at the back of their minds.

Reviewed by Melissa Wuske

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