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Book Review

Orpheus Rising

by Nancy Powell

"Orpheus Rising" is a magical, memorable middle grade adventure that handles a serious topic with narrative grace. Lance Lee’s "Orpheus Rising" is a modern allegorical retelling of the Orpheus myth. In it, a father-son team is pitted... Read More

Book Review

Where Eagles Never Flew

by Claire Foster

Dense and entertaining, "Where Eagles Never Flew" is an epic historical novel centered on the Battle of Britain. Helena P. Schrader’s gripping historical novel "Where Eagles Never Flew" is about RAF pilots who faced off against Nazi... Read More

Book Review

Earning Her Business

by Carol Booton

Katie Mares draws on her leadership coaching expertise in "Earning Her Business", a primer on achieving success in business by focusing on the needs of women customers and employees. Arguing that brand perceptions and consumer behaviors... Read More

Book Review

The Book of Delights

by Ho Lin

Ross Gay is known for his poetry, but "The Book of Delights" proves that he’s also an adept essayist. In composing the book, Gay operated under a simple principle: keep a diary of entries over the course of one year, with each entry... Read More

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