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Book Review

Hummingbirds between the Pages

by Karen Rigby

In Chris Arthur’s masterful, elegant essay collection "Hummingbirds between the Pages", expansive and granular meditations on time, language, nature, mortality, and Northern Ireland capture wonder in the everyday. Taking its title from... Read More

Book Review

My Mother's Son

by Meg Nola

This colorful and complex portrait of a 1950s Jewish family is warm and nostalgic, yet grounded by deep history. David Hirshberg’s My Mother’s Son centers on a vibrant postwar Boston neighborhood that is a veritable melting pot. Its... Read More

Book Review

A Perfect Blindness

by Constance Augusta A. Zaber

"A Perfect Blindness" is a grunge rock fantasy with an operatic sense of drama. Is it possible to achieve fame and glory without letting go of your humanity? This familiar question is engaged by W. Lance Hunt in his novel, "A Perfect... Read More

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