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Book Review


by Mya Alexice

White nationalists, mass shooters, conspiracy theorists: these scary labels seem to belong to the most extreme members of society. But as Daryl Johnson argues in "Hateland", hateful extremism resides in the mainstream consciousness like... Read More

Book Review

Call Them by Their True Names

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Rebecca Solnit wants you to act. She wants you to abandon naive cynicism and reject resting in anger. She wants you to engage the issues and go about the hard work of effecting change. And she believes that you can do it. Given the fiery... Read More

Book Review

The DNA of Democracy

by Laura Leavitt

"The DNA of Democracy" is a thorough and praise-filled history of democracy. Richard Lyons’s political history "The DNA of Democracy" lauds human progression from the tyranny of ancient civilizations toward the democracies of the early... Read More

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