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Book Review

The New Civil War

by Eileen Gonzalez

"The New Civil War" is a political science tract that’s aimed at helping conservative Americans shape the country’s future. Bruce D. Abramson presents a vision for America in "The New Civil War". The US, Abramson argues, is at a... Read More

Book Review

Becoming a Democracy

by Wendy Hinman

"Becoming a Democracy" makes a timely, informed case for correcting the US’s electoral system. Kristin Eberhard’s "Becoming a Democracy" is a thorough, impartial reference text for those who hope to foster democracy in the United... Read More

Book Review

Defending Trump

by Benjamin Welton

A testament to the polarization of American political life since 2017, "Defending Trump" is a fun and rigorous look at the many scandals, controversies, and accomplishments of the Trump administration. Stephen Barry and Marc Z.... Read More

Book Review

The Movement

by Tanisha Rule

Thomas C. Holt’s civil rights history text, "The Movement", takes care to include Black women leaders alongside its more familiar names. Beginning with 1930s and 1940s political strategizing, this book covers familiar civil rights... Read More

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