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The Azellian Affairs, Book Two

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Triangle is a provocative and complex science fiction love story.

Facing an uncertain future while struggling with unresolved issues from the past, three lovers explore the boundaries of human nature and relationships in Sara L. Daigle’s Triangle. The provocative second installment of The Azellian Affairs series combines erotic romance and science fiction.

Humans may have accepted that life exists in many forms on distant planets, but for the small group of Azellians living on Earth, revealing the full force of their psychological powers and the sensuality that defines their kind is still risky.

The Azellians, a physically beautiful race, appear to be human but are in possession of a variety of parapsychological skills based on family bloodlines, including empathy, telekinesis, healing, and mind control. Culturally, they differ greatly, particularly regarding their views of physical intimacy.

For Merran Corina—whose role as an ambassador, striking good looks, and wild reputation have elevated him to celebrity status—keeping his emotions in check may cost him the love of Tamara. Tamara is a shy undergrad who has yet to fully accept her heritage—or her passionate reactions to Merran and his childhood friend, Alarin.

The narrative closely follows the events of Alawahea, book one of The Azellian Affairs. There are several references to prior events, including Tamara’s “Awakening” discovery that she is part Azellian, and the forming of her unique relationship with Alarin and Merran—they are linked psychically, “forced … to share emotions, thoughts, and physical pleasure.”

The Azellian presence on Earth is never fully explained. Enough backstory is provided that Triangle can be enjoyed as a stand-alone, but questions may arise. Character complexity, growth, and evolution would also best be appreciated by following the recommended series order.

The love triangle here is atypical. Alarin and Tamara are both, for different reasons, uneasy with the link that binds them to Merran; Merran deals with his inability to fully emotionally engage. A surprise pregnancy adds a layer of levity to the thoughtful, intricate story line; the fallout is realistic in its emotional intensity and creative in its extraterrestrial repercussions. The dialogue is gripping and the action often unexpected.

Strong themes of engaging in sexual activities while being temporarily out of control, either of one’s mind, body, or both, appear throughout and may necessitate a trigger warning. Merran makes questionable, even disappointing sexual choices. Most instances are attributed to otherworldly phenomena such as the “aaryaSong,” which is described as a festival that links all Azellians.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional relationships, consent, and expectations, Triangle is a provocative and complex science fiction love story.

Reviewed by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

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