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The Voice of Creation

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

This detailed defense of the biblical creation account benefits from its author’s multicultural and work-diverse background.

The Voice of Creation by J. Hudson Mitchell is a detailed defense of the biblical creation account and other tenets of Christian faith.

The author’s personal journey begins with a contemplation of the mystery of human existence in a vast universe, and what that means about God and how people relate to him. The book addresses the Genesis account of a six-day creation, then goes on to launch a defense of faith in God and in his works. It also examines the idea of God’s kingdom, from the nation of Israel (“the ultimate evidence of the existence of God”) to the present-day life of faith. Making familiar assertions of modern culture’s “crisis of belief,” Mitchell emphasizes that the Christian God is the one true God, then wrestles with the more practical challenge of living in a world of good and evil.

Mitchell’s book is filled with Christian scripture aimed to affirm the faith of those who believe in Jesus and to persuade those who don’t. While this book contains Mitchell’s personal beliefs, she bases them on the Bible and the interpretations of other Christian thinkers. There is some conjecture (such as that Adam must have been seven feet tall because seven is God’s perfect number); it’s usually tangential to the main point, but it still detracts from the veracity and precision of more fully formed arguments.

While Mitchell is firm in her beliefs and in her desire to bring others into agreement, her tone is not heavy-handed or antagonistic—she’s simply straightforwardly committed to her conclusions. As a result, the book is most likely to reinforce the convictions of like-minded people, rather than changing the minds of those who hold vastly different views. The book’s content will be most inspiring to those who are grappling with belief, and who want to walk forward in faith rather than being bogged down by doubt. For them, Mitchell will serve as an example of how to wrestle with the realities of faith while still trusting God.

In many ways, Mitchell is an average person of faith—not a theologian or biblical scholar—but her book is a testament to the depth of insight that comes from a long life of religious devotion and a relentless commitment to learning. She also brings a cross-cultural perspective, having spent childhood and young adulthood in her native Philippines, and demonstrates diverse ways of thinking drawn from professions in teaching, writing, and bookkeeping.

The Voice of Creation is one believer’s earnest affirmation of the existence, power, and purpose of the God of the Bible.

Reviewed by Melissa Wuske

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