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The Return of Intuition

Awakening Psychic Gifts in the Second Half of Life

Around the age of fifty, adults in ever-increasing numbers are experiencing profound intuitive awakenings, rivaling those of the acclaimed “Indigo Children,” says author Kathryn Harwig, a professional psychic medium who has studied the phenomenon for more than twenty years. Calling these elder-intuitives the “Violet Generation,” she strongly suggests that psychic and intuitive gifts, and the responsibilities they entail, are a much-needed part of the Baby Boomers’ legacy that can help make the awakening that the current age promises a reality rather than just a dream.

Harwig’s compelling book, based on more than twenty years of case studies, explains that in most cultures prior to the twentieth century, the aged were revered for their wisdom and ability to see “beyond the veil” to eternal truths that served to teach, heal, and guide; age brought with it the time and perspective needed to master the intuitive and mediumship skills that these cultures held in high regard. Today, the aged, and the wisdom and knowledge they possess, are often left behind in the fast-paced, technology-based, youth-centered, and marketing-driven culture that has transformed the lives of humankind and its relationship to the planet. Harwig sees in the awakening of psychic and intuitive gifts the call of Spirit to today’s elders to fulfill the commitment to peace and compassion they expressed earlier in their lives.

Harwig had herself been an intuitive child, at home with spirits and gifted with the ability to “read” people. Severe health issues kept her relatively isolated and immobile, allowing her gifts to develop unhindered. At the age of twelve, her health improved enough for her to join the world of her peers, where her gifts became a liability. She effectively shut them down until a near-death experience taught her to honor and value them again.

The author’s hope is that her story, and those of the people she interviewed, will help others to affirm their gifts and become active workers in the “Violet Generation”—spirit-empowered elders, shamans, and wise persons who hold in their hands the power to re-make the world.

Kathryn Harwig, JD, is a former lawyer who also holds a degree in psychology. She now trains people in the enhancement of intuitive ability, writes a monthly column for Edge magazine, and is a regular guest on radio and television. She is the author of five books which have been translated into four languages.

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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