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The Mahdi

A Millennium Thriller

In this novel, Dockendorf successfully captures the individual and global tranformation encapsuled within an effective spectrum of emotions and spiritual discovery that everyone is experiencing as the Millennium approaches.

From the moment he arrived in Bhopal, New York Times reporter, H. Bennett Williams began hearing stories about Sheik Abu ’Ali Asghar, a man known for his supernatural powers, saintly self-sacrifice, devotion and compassion. Abu, who deems himself a spiritual warrior, is on the way to gathering millions of followers on his divine mission to inspire humanity to rise and to evolve and to destroy as well as create. He is sought out by people who claim he is the Anti-christ, the long-awaited Mahdi as foretold in the Koran who holds back the forces of evil in the last days preceding Judgment.

Through Abu’s teachings and his call to arms, Williams comes to terms with his own isolation to discover the profound power of human love, compassion and the need for connection and involvement with the world and people around him.

Abu’s message is one in complement to the new revolution. The onward progression of humanity and the need for a global system of government that will ensure its survival and the continuing evolution of civilization. Abu’s appearances around the world are quickly engulfed by riots and chaos while terrible events around the globe escalate with alarming speed. Millions are dead, millions more are going to die. Armageddon seems a probability until Williams finds it within himself to make a stand for humanity.

Dockendorf has redefined our place in the cataclysmic events occurring daily around the world and in America, offering solutions that might prevent the prophecies of Armageddon from coming true. This novel is a call to all of humanity to awaken and rededicate itself to the healing and rebuilding necessary for spiritual awakening and global transformation in the wake of the next millennium.

Reviewed by Heidi Aden

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