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The Kitchen Healer

The Journey to Becoming You

Enter the heart of the home to find solace and self-love through Jules Blaine Davis’s New Age book The Kitchen Healer.

Though it contains some recipes, this is not a cookbook, but rather a cooking book. It is a guide to feeling at home in both the kitchen and in yourself. A contributor for Goop, Davis shares her methods for getting ahead of hunger to feed the soul with suggestions for starting the morning with deep breaths by candlelight and setting up delicious, nutritious charcuteries, which she calls Wood Board Love. The prayer-like meditations throughout the book ease women out of going “missing in [their] own life,” showing them how to look inward and heal from the past while celebrating their femininity.

The book’s gentle, loving language brims with compassion. It lives in the abstract, weaving through analogies and heartfelt celebrations of preparing food that open up opportunities for higher connection with nourishment. The recipes within it are metaphors for personal transformation, with eggs cracking open to reveal yolks bright as the light inside the soul and rich, seasonal cakes offering permission to indulge in self-reflection. While much of its guidance is devotional, its occurrences of practical advice are motivational as well, as with its suggestion to place fruits and vegetables where they are visible in the kitchen to inspire similar openness and to show that nourishment is everywhere.

The gorgeous photographs that grace the pages enhance its message, with Davis’s home kitchen glowing in candlelight and eager children’s hands reaching toward a vibrant Wood Board Love. Free-form poems reinforce the book’s compassionate affirmations, while “heart work” and “hello body” activities connect the mystical to the tangible.

Kitchen Healer is a comforting spirit guide to feeding the soul’s hunger with gentle, self-actualized invocations for the food we love.

Reviewed by Aimee Jodoin

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