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Book Review

Sweet Revenge

by Hannah Hohman

"Sweet Revenge" is a book on a mission to help teenagers find a way to better express themselves when they are hurt—with dessert! "Sweet Revenge" is a mischievous cookbook that is equal parts gratifying, tempting, and hilarious. A... Read More

Book Review


by Rachel Jagareski

In this cookbook worth savoring, entrancing cooking instructions involve lots of snappiness, whooshing, and wine. Tourist-trodden Venice may be the star attraction of Italy’s Veneto region, but for native food writer Valeria Necchio,... Read More

Book Review

Eat Less Water

by Anna Call

Florencia Ramirez is a longtime water activist and educator with a profound appreciation for food and food production. In a quest to understand how farming can be less water-intensive, she interviewed a series of organic farmers and... Read More

Book Review

Mr Tambourine Man

by Charlene Oldham

This detailed account of a man enjoying decades of active travel and excellent meals may provide inspiration for those with enough free time and fluid finances to follow along. Mr. Tambourine Man by Nicholson is the envy-inducing... Read More

Book Review

Tasting Georgia

by Matt Sutherland

Ancient, enigmatic Georgia, enviably positioned between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea, lays claim to one of history’s greatest civilizing feats: the first domestication of wild grapes more than five thousand years ago. This... Read More

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