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Book Review

Chasing Alexander

by Melissa Lance

"Chasing Alexander" is a revealing soldier’s memoir about the intrigue and brutality of war. Christopher Martin’s memoir "Chasing Alexander" pushes aside vague notions of what it means to be a marine, replacing them with the raw... Read More

Book Review

Defending Trump

by Benjamin Welton

A testament to the polarization of American political life since 2017, "Defending Trump" is a fun and rigorous look at the many scandals, controversies, and accomplishments of the Trump administration. Stephen Barry and Marc Z.... Read More

Book Review

The Other Side of the Ocean

by Edith Wairimu

"The Other Side of the Ocean" is a powerful historical novel about surviving the traumas of civil war and the struggles of refugees abroad. Heartrending and hopeful, Beverley Bell’s historical novel "The Other Side of the Ocean" covers... Read More

Book Review

Dr. Sad

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

David Bateman’s semiautobiographical novel "Dr. Sad" follows a physician through the minutiae of daily life for six months after his HIV diagnosis, creating a “song of himself, lacking in strict continuity, filled with flights of... Read More

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