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The Amorphous Assassin

The legend of Ty Sato continues to grow in The Amorphous Assassin, book two in Greg R. Fishbone’s intergalactic all-star Galaxy Games series, combining all the best elements of sports and science fiction with an out-of-this-world cast of feisty friends and frenemies.

Tyler Sato, the athletically mediocre thirteen-year-old selected as team captain through some shady swindling and skullduggery in book one, The Challenger, now leads a group of the finest young athletes on Earth. With one lucky tournament win under his belt, doubt has set in, and Ty must prove to himself, his team, and the entire galaxy that he has what it takes to secure another victory for Earth. Oh, and a shapeshifting alien assassin is convinced that Ty will be responsible for the demise of interplanetary peace and is determined to take him out—permanently.

Quirky aliens, culturally diverse teenage sports stars, and play-by-play action accounts are front and center as Ty struggles to keep his team together and successful. Team Earth consists of, amongst others, a Russian swimmer, a Kuwaiti golfer, a Brazilian futballer, a Norwegian snowboarder, an Argentinian acrobat, and even a masked Mexican luchador going by the handle “El Gatito.”

Themes of honesty, integrity, and inner strength are tempered with a healthy dose of snark and smack talk as teammates face off against each other during deadly “practice” sessions that test both mental and physical strength. The Amorphous Assassin is a fast ride through the unchartered territories of outer space and the teenage psyche.

Reviewed by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

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