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The 27 Run


A swarm of alien invaders threaten post-apocalyptic Earth in the action-packed graphic novel The 27 Run: Crush.

Beti, the pilot of a formidable Mech, is accompanied by her telepathic dog E.K. as she fights off a horde of aliens whom she’s dubbed “Crawlies.” Soon, Beti and E.K. find themselves alone, with just enough power to send a distress call; rescue comes from another Mech, helmed by a blinded, amnesiac pilot and his mechanical companion, Sid.

There’s past history between Beti and the pilot, who has developed an ability to communicate with the twenty-seven giant monsters that survive on the earth. The pilot uses his power to summon help, and together the Mechs and monsters defeat the Crawlies. The book ends with an even deadlier potential threat looming: whomever or whatever sent the Crawlies to Earth.

The book is infused with adrenaline, and many of its pages are dedicated to well-designed battle scenes. Quieter moments are marked by entertaining banter between the pilots and their sidekicks, as well as deeper glimpses into the personalities involved. In the tradition of Battle of the Planets and Voltron, there’s a nice moment in which the two Mechs combine to create one larger super-mech—a Mag (short for “Magnificent”) Mech.

The art is given the space it needs to shine, with lots of full-page images that are rich in color and detail. An attractive bonus section includes a gallery of alternate covers, pin-ups, character designs, and profiles of the monsters.

Blending Mechs, Monsters and Mad Max-style action, The 27 Run: Crush is fast, furious, and fun.

Reviewed by Peter Dabbene

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