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Book Review

Spirits in the Sky

by Rebecca Foster

"Spirits in the Sky" showcases photographer Paul Zizka’s stunning portraits of the aurora borealis in places including Banff National Park, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland. The Northern Lights have long been the subject of Finnish and... Read More

Book Review

Becoming Story

by Meg Nola

Greg Sarris’s resonant memoir explores identities, heritages, and the legacies of places. Adopted as a child, Sarris grew up in midcentury Santa Rosa, then moved to a smaller city surrounded by expansive natural beauty, where Native... Read More

Book Review

You Are Gods

by Eric Patterson

In his new theological essay collection "You Are Gods", David Bentley Hart issues a rebuttal against the resurgence of the manualist tradition found mainly in the Thomist theology of the Catholic Church. Arguing that the manualist... Read More

Book Review

Power in the Wild

by Rebecca Foster

In "Power in the Wild", animal behaviorist Lee Alan Dugatkin examines the evolution of social behavior, with a focus on struggles for power within animal societies. From ants to cuttlefish to wolves, this entertaining book surveys... Read More

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