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Stress Reduction & Creative Meditations for Work & Career

The lapping of ocean waves, the peacefulness of a spring rain, the quiet of a morning sunrise. These calming images are what come to mind when listening to Allen’s audiotape about stress reduction and meditation.

The audiotape opens with soft musical tones that make the listener start to feel relaxed. This encouragingly soothing music is an effective complement to Allen’s calming voice. He then begins with a brief introduction and eases into individual muscle relaxing techniques. Through out side one he uses peaceful words including: cleansing, healing, energy, refreshed and others like it. He gently, but consistently, continues to remind the audience to take deep breaths while guiding them through a journey
of not only physical relaxation, but mental relaxation as well. Allen concludes side one with some further techniques that can return the listener to this relaxed state at any time.

While side one is focused on the relaxation of mind and body, side two attempts to get its audience to feel better about themselves in their
work and daily life through repeated affirmations. It also begins with a brief relaxation and
introduction to the intent of this portion of the tape. While the idea of positive self-affirmation is a good one, the length for some listeners may be too long. The message and meaning of the statements are understood and the complementary music is worthy.

Allen’s audiotape is an excellent choice for people who have endless tasks and responsibilities but limited time. Everyone needs a reminder to “relax and slow down” and Allen’s voice is the perfect answer.

Reviewed by Julie Santilli

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