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Six PM Sunday

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

Steven Adler loves his job. An E.R. resident physician in Orange County he’s seen it all. Trauma victims hit-and-runs heart attacks he’s saved more lives than he can count. Adler’s in love with work and that suits him fine until one day Natalie Bogner the inaccessible woman every guy in the E.R. lusts after reenters his life and changes everything.

Sounds like the end to a great fairy tale right? But the story only begins here and Dr. Adler is slowly drawn into Natalie’s somewhat murky disturbing world.

Six P.M. Sunday is the gripping story of both of Adler’s loves: his work and his family. We meet his parents as well as Zachary the son that ensues from Steve and Natalie’s troubled relationship. The author so successfully paints a portrait of the father/son dynamic one feels a fierce protectiveness of both Steven and his small son.

In this his third book author David Colgrove brings the reader into the E.R. He describes the daily doings of a hospital to a nicety and his surgical experience is obvious as one reads.

As the story progresses the reader gets to know both Steven and Natalie intimately.

Natalie is an intriguingly drawn character. Brilliant gorgeous an I.Q. of one seventy-eight a successful medical career…who wouldn’t want to marry her? However as one reads on tiny hints are spread throughout the book that Natalie may have a few issues. Is Natalie a mistress of manipulation or the troubled but sincere girlfriend and wife that Steven falls in love with? Is the rude man on the phone Steven speaks to really Natalie’s ex-husband only seeking a bit of sympathy and consolation or are the creaking bedsprings in the background really something the good doctor should be worried about? The author keeps the reader guessing in a lively fast-moving narrative that will have the reader both rooting for the caring (if somewhat na&239;ve) Dr. Adler and wanting to throttle him for not being more suspicious of Natalie’s excuses.

The emergency room sequences are beautifully delineated and one will feel like a veteran of the hospital wars as the author takes us behind the scenes and shows us what really goes on in an E.R In a heroic fight to save a young woman with an ectopic pregnancy; (the fetus attaches itself outside of the fallopian tube) Steven and Natalie struggle to save the mother: “There was a rush of bright red blood and sticky clots the size of baseballs as soon as Natalie entered the abdominal cavity. My suction was quickly overwhelmed. Natalie shoved her arms into the belly began scooping out the clots with both hands.”

Sex lies and emergency rooms. What else could a reader ask for? Six P.M. Sunday is a highly polished gem of a book. It’s fast paced drama and suspense coupled with a real sense of the humanity of its characters make this book just what the doctor ordered.

Reviewed by Kathleen Youmans

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