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May 2006

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published May 2006.

Book Review

Enduring Relations

by Dawn Goldsmith

In describing the Wallace family, J. N. Hyatt’s characterizations are near perfect. She could make use of the famous line from Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own... Read More

Book Review

Stomach Flattening

Doug Setter’s satisfied clients include a former paratrooper and prison guard a martial arts instructor a Vancouver police officer and even a grandmother. Given the gushing testimonials present on the outside of the book readers will... Read More

Book Review

Sons of God, Daughters of Man

Sons of God Daughters of Man is an exceptionally creative generally well-written book. Set in a future world Pangea where mankind has migrated away from a dying Earth through mystic portals the characters are persuasive and the dialog... Read More

Book Review


Spizzerinktum? “Dad I can’t find that word in the dictionary at school where did you hear it?” asked Kenny. “Why I didn’t hear it anywhere Kenny. I just made it up because you boys are so full of pep vim and vinegar and a lot... Read More

Book Review

Benny Takes a Walk

Until now seven-year-old Benny has never wandered very far from home. In this story to inspire confidence and problem-solving skills in preschool thru 4th graders he encounters several challenges during a three-block stroll in his... Read More

Book Review


"Oisin" first in a sci-fi series by Leo Cabral begins on the edge of fiction. Earth prepares excitedly as astronauts head to a moon research station to seek out extraterrestrial life. Then everything turns surreal when the hapless... Read More

Book Review

Murder Etouffee

Like a cold intoxicating hurricane slush on a hot summer day one can down Wilder’s "Murder Etouffee" in one sitting with all the exuberance of a tourist thirsty for the excitement of “Nawlins.” Oftentimes though a reader may devour... Read More

Book Review

Two Red Flowers

In "Two Red Flowers" author Elle Greenfox unfolds the tale of an unlikely middle-aged couple discovering unexpected love and passion. Fifty-something divorcée Rhonda and forty year old never been married real estate broker Casey... Read More

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