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Rose's Heavenly Cakes

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Beranbaum’s latest writing assignment was to inspire a love of cake baking in a new generation of young cooks. No small task, to be sure. But shes written 8 books already, including The Cake Bible, one of the most successful cookbooks of all time (38 printings). Beranbaum is also a popular guest on major television shows like The Today Show, The Early Show, Martha Stewart, Charlie Rose, and might just be “most meticulous cook who ever lived,” if we can believe the New York Times. With such experience, its hard to imagine the kitchen ever getting too hot for her. Roses Heavenly Cakes offers 104 recipes helped along by instructional photographs and illustrations, precise instructions, and enough hints, suggestions, wisdom, and detail to last a lifetime. Confidence is indispensable to bakers of all levels and Beranbaum serves it up in bowlfuls.

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