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You Don't Have to Be Diabetic to Love this Cookbook

From Pasta to Pizza to Pumpkin Pie

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Getting tagged with a diagnosis of diabetes is viewed by many food lovers as the culinary equivalent to a sentence of hard labor with half rations. No pasta, no high fat foods like duck or lamb or Kobe beef, no Ben & Jerrys Cherry Garcia. Cue the dark clouds over the dinner plate. In fact, “moderation” is a much better choice of words than “minimization” for most diabetics seeking a life-long dietary plan, according to super-chef Tom Valenti, owner of New Yorks celebrated Ouest and the West Branch. Hed also like diabetics to concentrate on the word “maximize,” as in learn to use acids (citrus, vinegar) in their cooking to brighten flavors on the plate. Valentis wonderful new book is devoted to showcasing the cooking techniques and food understanding known to professional chefs. They understand how food is perceived in the mouth; the subtle game of contrasting textures, temperatures, flavors, and even aesthetics to place attention exactly where deserved for maximum satisfaction. Diabetes is not a death sentence for food lovers, thanks to Valenti.

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