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Jordana Landsman, Book Reviewer

Jordana Landsman is an award-winning author, poet, reader, wife, and working mom of three small children. Her book *Mommy Haiku’d All Over the Baby *won the 2017 Beverly Hills Book Awards for poetry and was a finalist in the Los Angeles Book Festival. Her follow-up hit, Heartbeats: A poetic memoir of 87 blind dates and one future husband, was awarded first place for poetry in the 2018 San Francisco Book Festival. Jordana’s work appears at

Book Review

Something Great and Beautiful

by Jordana Landsman

Enrico Pellegrini gave the 2008 financial crisis time to bake, rise, and cool before blasting it with his incisive and satirical novel "Something Great and Beautiful". After a meet-cute in Italy, Rosso and Chloe take divergent paths.... Read More

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