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The vampire mythos hasn’t been this creepy since Bram Stoker wrote Dracula. In Z. Rider’s horror debut, bandmates Dan and Ray are on the last leg of a long tour when they... Read More

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Werewolf Cop

Though the title might suggest more lighthearted fare, make no mistake, this is a gritty crime novel at heart. Texan Zach “Cowboy” Adams is part of a special government task... Read More

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Slatton has created a beautiful, heart wrenching tale of humanity during the Second World War. When her beloved Ariel is lost, the angel Alia chooses to fall, taking on a human... Read More

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In this ambitious epic, a disgraced former princess turned scholar is one of the few people in the Three Lands who can read. So when an impossible ship from a land that does not... Read More

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After Detective Sergeant Sean Ward is wounded in the line of duty and forced into a very early retirement from the force, he decides to take up work as a private detective... Read More

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