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Rescue at Sea!

In order for Paul to have a dog, his father said that he must first “prove himself worthy,” but how could Paul prove himself worthy, when he didn’t even understand the concept? When a raging storm compromises the survival of a fishing crew and their boat, Paul unexpectantly gets his opportunity.

As a member of the village’s Emergency Rescue Team, Paul’s father, Alex, and a few other men from the village are called upon to launch a swift emergency rescue operation on a night when the sea’s thrashing waves and the wind’s howling cries make even breathing difficult—and the only way Alex and his fellow crew can get the lifeboat from the boathouse to the sea’s edge is by cart over the sand dunes. Determined to be a part of the mission, Paul has asked his mother if he could watch his father in action, and watch he did!

Once the men of the endangered fishing boat were safely aboard the lifeboat, Paul noticed that a dog had been left behind. When Paul informs his father of his discovery, he is told to go home—but he refuses. Instead, he braves the weather’s harsh fury and navigates the seashore’s jagged edge to successfully call out and encourage the frightened dog to safety.

Through Paul’s selflessness and determination he earns the gratitude of the rescued fishermen; and to show their appreciation, they provide Paul with his one great wish—a chance to have a dog.

Rescue At Sea is a superbly written tribute to the perseverance of the human spirit; and Ulrike Heyne’s illustrations excellently chronicles this inspiring story with every page.

Reviewed by Veronica L. C. Stevenson-Moudamane

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