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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 64 pages.

Book Review

Life's Encounters

by Edith Wairimu

Life’s Encounters is a swift memoir that preserves the experiences of a Christian missionary. Eve Axon’s memoir, Life’s Encounters, recounts her diverse globe-trotting missionary work with her husband. Axon was born in England... Read More

Book Review

Not My Idea

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

A child struggles to understand the violence and social injustice they see on the news and in the community around them in a timely story that addresses racism, civic responsibility, and the concept of whiteness. Mixed media collages and... Read More

Book Review

Moments to Ponder

by Barry Silverstein

Wisdom collected across a lifetime is shared in this brief and personal title. Robert Gesmundo’s entertaining and personal "Moments to Ponder" collects inspirational and humorous quotations. Compiled quotations, mostly from unknown... Read More

Book Review

The Essential John Reibetanz

by Peter Dabbene

Angled approaches, revealing inner character one carefully chosen word at a time, are a Reibetanz specialty. In the Porcupine Quill’s wonderful collection "The Essential John Reibetanz", exquisite poems focus on subjects both... Read More

Book Review

The Essential Dorothy Roberts

by Peter Dabbene

This is an excellent entry into the work of a respected poet. "The Essential Dorothy Roberts" is a subtle and graceful poetry collection. Roberts, who died in 1993, came from a family of poets and was encouraged to follow in their... Read More

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