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Prosper Up!

Learning How to Become Prosperous Today

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Snow’s helpful, systematically-organized book is designed to lead readers on a “prosperity journey.”

Prosper Up! by Larry Snow is a comprehensive guide to achieving prosperity, written by someone who has spent a lifetime following his own sound advice.

At the very start of this impressive book, Snow details the six specific steps he took “to become a prodigious prosperity achiever.” They are relatively simple and straightforward, yet the reality is that while many people may read and understand the steps, few will actually follow through on them. Snow’s answer to this dilemma is a noble one: his book, accompanied by a workbook, is designed to lead the reader on a “prosperity journey.”

The book is organized into five basic sections across fourteen chapters. First is an explanation of the prosperity-building process, which Snow calls the “Circle of Competence Prosperity Concept.” This is followed by a discussion of personal planning and preparation, as well as the strategies and techniques that need to be followed to build prosperity. Next comes a section that addresses changes that will be required to develop habits and behaviors. Finally, the way to construct a personal “prosperity plan” is detailed.

The organization of the book is not unlike many financial self-improvement books, moving from theory to practice and then to implementation. Prosper Up! seems to share quite a bit more detail about the process than competing volumes. In addition, there is a true authenticity to the author’s voice, since he himself built his prosperity using the methods he describes.

The book’s “four pillars” of a prosperity system (personal finance, business entrepreneurism, job/career success, real estate investing) are certainly not unique, but the exhaustive description of each of these areas throughout the book really puts meat on their bones. Each chapter is packed with advice—the author’s own, supplemented by that of others whom he specifically cites.

Snow writes well, personalizing his content by addressing the reader directly in a conversational style. The text is nicely broken up by lots of subheadings, bulleted lists, and bold type. Helpful numerical sections abound, such as “Seven Steps for Setting and Reaching Goals,” “An Effective Four-Pronged Investing Approach,” and “The Ten Rules of Personal Prosperity Building.” Examples are plentiful, as are the author’s occasional witty asides.

If there is a downside to the book, it is that some may view Prosper Up! as simply too overwhelming. There is a great deal of information to review and digest, and much of it presupposes that an individual will be willing to do the work necessary to follow the book’s detailed recommendations. In addition, there are times when some of the content seems repetitive. There is also an aspect of the book that feels a bit like a sales pitch; Snow promotes a “Prosperity Success Institute” that teaches the book’s principles.

For those interested in a thorough examination of what it takes to achieve prosperity from the perspective of a subject-matter expert, Prosper Up! is sure to do the job.

Reviewed by Barry Silverstein

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