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Prometheus Eternal

In Greek mythology, Prometheus is the titan who steals fire from Mount Olympus and brings it down to humanity. As punishment, Zeus chains him to a rock on a mountain where an eagle eats out his liver every day for eternity. One of the most famous depictions of the myth in art is Peter Paul Rubens’s seventeenth-century collaboration with Frans Snyders, Prometheus Bound. In the fabulous Prometheus Eternal, a group of modern artists engage with the myth and famous painting, with results ranging from the very witty to the deeply poignant. In these pages, Prometheus is a superhero, muses on the role of father figures, is transposed into the domestic (and mortal) sphere, and converses congenially with the eagle; humanity writes a brief letter to Prometheus; and Rubens’s entertaining bio is probably how all art history courses should be taught. The eight short comics have vividly different styles, all equally entrancing. (One would expect no less from a collaboration with an art museum.) Though short, it’s easy to spend hours poring over this book.

Reviewed by Allyce Amidon

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