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Book Review

Odyssey of the Chosen

by Katie Asher

"Odyssey of the Chosen" is an engaging, multilayered, and wildly creative family saga that takes on the battle between good and evil. H. S. Theodore’s imaginative adventure "Odyssey of the Chosen" follows an unsuspecting family into... Read More

Book Review


by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

"Congazori" is an entertaining and informative glimpse of how families and communities can work together to solve relevant issues through considerate, nonviolent means. A peaceful tribal community is threatened when trucks and machines... Read More

Book Review

Amani the Boda-Boda Rider

by Kristine Morris

Amani the Boda-Boda Rider is a charming book with powerful messages for both children and adults. Paul Sutherland’s illustrated children’s book, "Amani the Boda-Boda Rider", is the lively story of a young Ugandan Muslim girl whose... Read More

Book Review

Black Book of Poems

by Robert Foreman

Hunanyan’s is a collection of straightforward poems with threads of religiosity. Vincent K. Hunanyan’s "Black Book of Poems" covers topics of love, devotion, family challenges, and loss, all in a brief space. The collection is... Read More

Book Review

Glad You're Not Me

by Scott Neuffer

This provocative new work from a writer who revels in exploring the darker sides of the mind creates an unforgettable experience. In his latest work, Glad You’re Not Me, controversial writer Jonathan Harnisch follows his most primal... Read More

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