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Long Way Home

Lynn Austin’s poignant historical novel Long Way Home highlights the heroism of those who lived through WWII.

Gisela’s family becomes unsafe as Germany turns hostile toward Jewish people. They secure spots on a boat bound for Cuba, only to be turned away upon their arrival. The next few years are filled with heartbreak as WWII threatens everything Gisela holds dear.

After the war, Peggy is thrilled when her childhood best friend, Jimmy, returns home. But Jimmy is no longer the lighthearted boy she knew. Determined to help him, Peggy sets out to uncover what happened during his tour.

The book alternates between Peggy and Gisela’s points of view, exploring the pre- and post-war world. It is unflinching in dealing with heavy topics including antisemitism, genocide, and suicide, yet also highlights the courage and perseverance of individuals facing such horrors.

Faith plays a large role. Gisela questions her Jewish heritage, and Peggy reminds Jimmy of the scriptures he once clung to. The age-old question of how a benevolent god can allow evil is raised, answered with ideas of human responsibility and the possibility of grace that suffering brings.

Both Peggy and Gisela are strong leads, with Peggy’s strength lying in her compassion, and Gisela’s in her perseverance. Peggy spends months contacting Jimmy’s fellow soldiers for answers. Gisela witnesses countless horrors, first in worn-torn cities and later in a concentration camp, yet still manages to see good in the world. She helps Jimmy when he needs her, resulting in a satisfying union of the two story lines at the book’s end.

A masterful, heartwarming, and heartbreaking historical novel, Long Way Home contains reminders of human beings’ ability to do great evil—and their duty to do great good.

Reviewed by Vivian Turnbull

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