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Lethal Savage

Dave Edlund’s thrilling Peter Savage series continues with Lethal Savage, which kick-starts a drastic solution to overpopulation.

On an Oregon reservation, the young men are struck by an unknown illness that leaves them sterile. Everyman Peter Savage is called in to investigate the mystery sickness and discovers that a mad scientist has concocted a simple but effective means of sterilizing the population, first spreading the illness through bottled water and then tapping into the global water supply.

Meanwhile, an assassination contract pops up on the dark net, targeting Peter. Peter is forced to dodge professional and amateur assassins as he races to stop the biological threat. He’s joined by a surprising ally: a sinister adversary from his past.

The story rockets between various points of view as it races to its explosive conclusion. At every turn, Peter relies on his quick thinking and interpersonal skills to save the day. He’s a blockbuster hero, capable with self-defense and weapons but fueled by compassion and intelligence. His allies trend ordinary and unassuming despite his storied career and previous adventures. A former assassin winds up joining in his attempts to stop the global threat, but Peter’s greatest ally is his trusted dog, Diesel, whom he uses in a clever fashion as a distraction and a viable threat.

This is a standalone thriller, but series regulars will appreciate its callbacks and connections to returning characters. The story provides ample context and balances exposition and action. The conclusion is complete, if a bit bittersweet, and rewarding for both new and returning readers.

Lethal Savage is a thundering action thriller with a charismatic lead and all-too-real premise.

Reviewed by John M. Murray

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