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Kurt Cobain

When I Was an Alien

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An unhappy teen tries to figure out where he belongs in the world and forms a band. Sound familiar? Yeah, well, in this one, the band is Nirvana, the unhappy teen is Kurt Cobain, oh, and did we mention it’s a rocking graphic novel and aliens feature prominently? With a title taken from Cobain’s childhood belief that he was really an alien, Kurt Cobain: When I Was an Alien, by Danilo Deninotti and Toni Bruno, snapshots Cobain’s life from childhood through adolescence right up to the brink of Nirvana’s fame. The alien theme is well played throughout. Not only do aliens occasionally come talk to young Cobain in times of special torment, but like-minded individuals (such as future bandmates Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl) are also rendered as aliens in pivotal moments for Cobain’s (and ultimately Nirvana’s) future. The fluid lines and blue-toned coloring complete the cool, extraterrestrial vibe.

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