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Hearing God through Physical Disorders

What's Your Body Saying?

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

Spiritual and medical disorders are linked in this book that emphasizes the notion that the pathogen faced by all people is sin.

Hearing God through Physical Disorders by Fred C. Frost draws on medical and spiritual knowledge to make comparisons between physical illnesses and spiritual disease, all in the name of healing.

Our bodies shed light on the state of our souls, Frost believes, because conditions that spiritually attack people mimic the ailments of the body. Frost details a plethora of common physical conditions, from heart disease to hypertension, and shows how understanding them offers a valuable spiritual analogy.

For example, abnormal and uncontrolled growth in a church could be spiritual cancer, just as physical cancer is the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of malignant cells. Frost’s main message is right in line with the foundations of Christian faith: the pathogen that all people face is sin, and just as blood is the key to physical healing, Jesus’s blood is the key to spiritual healing.

Chapters are divided by physical diseases. Frost explains the symptoms and consequences of each disease as he links it to its spiritual counterpart. The spiritual conditions aren’t as easy to name, but through Frost’s descriptions they’re just as easy to recognize, and their severity is just as apparent.

Though the book’s concept is compelling, at times its analogies feel belabored, bogging down the point rather than aiding understanding. Those feeling any immediate spiritual needs may grow impatient, and others may become too fascinated by Frost’s medical descriptions to hear what he’s really saying.

Christians looking to grow spiritually, who want to be prepared to conquer whatever comes their way, and who are drawn to learning through metaphor will be most apt to enjoy the pace, depth, and method of Frost’s book. His analogies will also be useful to ministers and other spiritual leaders as they help others to identify and heal from diseases of the soul.

Frost is a nurse and a minister, and brings the full depth of both professions to this book: “I understand nursing to be a ministry and ministry to be nursing and medicine for the soul.” It’s clear he’s seen all manner of sick people and that he’s helped people in all sorts of circumstances to know God better and find healing through Jesus.

The book is packed with aptly used scripture, clearly articulated spiritual concepts, and detailed yet easy-to-understand medical information. Frost’s voice is friendly, caring, and knowledgeable, and the information he presents will be accessible even to Christians who don’t have a deep knowledge of medicine.

Hearing God through Physical Disorders gives compelling antidotes to spiritual problems through physical analogies.

Reviewed by Melissa Wuske

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