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Heal Your Ancestral Roots

Release the Family Patterns That Hold You Back

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Heal Your Ancestral Roots is a self-help book that recommends healing one’s family energy fields with the help of flower essences.

Anuradha Dayal-Gulati’s self-help book Heal Your Ancestral Roots promises a blossoming life through energy healing.

With the belief that many people feel stuck in their lives and repeat the behavioral and emotional patterns of their parents and ancestors, this book seeks to outline an alternative path forward—one that involves healing one’s roots and forging a new path. To accomplish this, the book introduces two crucial concepts—family energy fields and flower essences—that complement familiar techniques to address family trauma, like therapy and essential oils.

Here, the powerful themes of worn family stories are represented as a call for healing; the energies of living and deceased ancestors, not just their behavioral patterns, are said to impact a person’s present, though they don’t have to limit one’s future. From this perspective, even though the energy of trauma carries over for generations, it can be repaired without severing energy connections.

To accomplish this, Dayal-Gulati recommends making use of flower essences, a form of energy medicine that can be taken orally and have no scent. Said to contribute to gentle, subtle changes in ones emotions that build over time, these essences are introduced alongside clear directions about which should be used in each particular circumstance (for example, the Mariposa Lily is presented as a “a mothering essence for healing the mother wound,” while Star of Bethlehem is useful for “for soothing the grief within”).

While much of the book deals with understanding one’s energy and using complementary flower essences to change one’s emotions and circumstances, the text noticeably deviates from this central track to address emotions in depth, too—first identifying them individually, then identifying whose emotions they are in one’s family lineage. This relational path connects first to one’s self, then to ancestors, and then to others; these winding instructions are meant to help audiences build calm, confidence, and connection.

Further, elements of Dayal-Gulati’s personal story are included as support for her methods, and are increased upon with the stories of others who claim to have experienced the healing that the book champions; all of this serves to amplify the notion that such changes are possible to all. Journaling and visualization exercises are an additional component to this multipart text.

Heal Your Ancestral Roots is a self-help book that recommends healing one’s family energy fields with the help of flower essences.

Reviewed by Melissa Wuske

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