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Book Review

Appalachian Zen

by Melissa Wuske

Steve Kanji Ruhl’s "Appalachian Zen" is a memoir about a Buddhist awakening. Ruhl grew up in a trailer park in Appalachia with a deep yearning to be somewhere else. He began to practice Zen Buddhism, viewing it as a welcome contrast to... Read More

Book Review

Wake Up, This Is Joburg

by Jeff Fleischer

In "Wake Up, This Is Joburg", photographer Mark Lewis and writer Tanya Zack document stories about people getting by on the fringes of Johannesburg. These pieces are sometimes sad, sometimes inspiring, and add up to a complicated picture... Read More

Book Review

Chasing Plants

by Kristine Morris

In "Chasing Plants", botanist Chris Thorogood shares how his lifelong obsession with plants led him to precarious situations in far-flung places to find them, no matter what it took. Thorogood sketched and scribbled his way around the... Read More

Book Review

Wild Sonoma

by Kristen Rabe

With its stunning illustrations, "Wild Sonoma" will entertain oenophiles and naturalists as they visit Northern California’s wine country. This book is compelling in suggesting that, after you’ve sampled a juicy cabernet or an oaky... Read More

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