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Book Review

White Kids

by Mya Alexice

Margaret Hagerman’s "White Kids" brings to mind two words: must read. Many crucial race studies focus on the struggles of disenfranchised folks. But by centering her research on white children, Hagerman studies the kids who benefit... Read More

Book Review

Trans Kids

by Laura Leavitt

Tey Meadow’s sympathetic sociological study "Trans Kids" explores the changing social dynamics for families of transgender children and other children who bend or break gender norms. Comprehensive in scope, its interviews and... Read More

Book Review

Raise Your Voice

by Melissa Wuske

In a world brimming with controversies around race, gender, and sexual orientation, there seems to be an abundance of noise without real dialogue or progress. Into that situation, Kathy Khang brings optimism and insight, urging fellow... Read More

Book Review

Biblical Porn

by Claire Foster

"Biblical Porn" is, like the story of Mars Hill Church, both more complex and more disturbing than it first appears. Jessica Johnson’s unsparing book offers a deep look at the sexual politics and subsequent scandals that dismantled the... Read More

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