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Book Review

Liberating Minds

by Rachel Jagareski

Lagemann’s illuminating work argues that college prison programs have wide-ranging benefits for all. In "Liberating Minds", Ellen Condliffe Lagemann persuasively argues for more college opportunities in prisons. She details how the... Read More

Book Review

Ethical Porn for Dicks

by Claire Foster

Ethical Porn is bound to be controversial, but it includes great information given from a forceful perspective. “Dude, if you want your girlfriend to watch porn with you, you gotta be cool,” advises David J. Ley in his punchy new... Read More

Book Review

Revisioning Activism

by Karl Helicher

These practical essays offer hope to those who believe they must suffer silently and alone. David Bedrick’s "Revisioning Activism" seeks to right individual and social wrongs through writing. This wide-ranging collection examines... Read More

Book Review

Buying a Bride

by Matt Sutherland

We know what you’re thinking: mail-order marriages involve socially challenged, disagreeable men and desperate foreign women. Well, you’re partly right. Even so, the four-hundred-year history of bride buying is complicated by the... Read More

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