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Book Review

Reconsidering Roots

by Kaavonia Hinton

This rich book on Roots captures the complexity of its reception and its enduring place in popular culture. In ten chapters, the essayists in "Reconsidering Roots" posit that, although Roots has been a topic of debate since its release,... Read More

Book Review

Finding Feminism

by Hannah Hohman

Comprehensive and scholarly, "Finding Feminism" is best for the seasoned millennial feminist or for the new one truly committed to the cause. Alison Dahl Crossley’s Finding Feminism: Millennial Activists and the Unfinished Gender... Read More

Book Review

Liberating Minds

by Rachel Jagareski

Lagemann’s illuminating work argues that college prison programs have wide-ranging benefits for all. In "Liberating Minds", Ellen Condliffe Lagemann persuasively argues for more college opportunities in prisons. She details how the... Read More

Book Review

Ethical Porn for Dicks

by Claire Foster

Ethical Porn is bound to be controversial, but it includes great information given from a forceful perspective. “Dude, if you want your girlfriend to watch porn with you, you gotta be cool,” advises David J. Ley in his punchy new... Read More

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