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Book Review

Fooled by the Winners

by Jenna Jaureguy

This digestible, compelling social science text reexamines the stories that people have been told by and about society’s winners. Former Stanford business lecturer David Lockwood parses a variety of survivor bias examples in his social... Read More

Book Review

The Longest Story

by Melissa Wuske

Richard Girling’s "The Longest Story" is a social science examination of the relationships between humans and animals—a topic that’s seldom considered, but is close at hand and environmentally relevant. To varying degrees, human... Read More

Book Review

With Pleasure

by Ashley Holstrom

A comforting book for anyone navigating the effects of trauma, August McLaughlin and Jamila Dawson’s "With Pleasure" is an inspiring guide to feeling good in one’s body. McLaughlin and Dawson are a sexuality journalist and a sex... Read More

Book Review

Had It Coming

by Karin Killian

Robyn Doolittle’s "Had It Coming" is a nuanced, unbiased investigation of rape culture and sexual assault prosecution in the #MeToo era. Doolittle asserts that #MeToo never would have achieved critical mass without the signal boost... Read More

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