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Book Review

Had It Coming

by Karin Killian

Robyn Doolittle’s "Had It Coming" is a nuanced, unbiased investigation of rape culture and sexual assault prosecution in the #MeToo era. Doolittle asserts that #MeToo never would have achieved critical mass without the signal boost... Read More

Book Review

Image Control

by Claire Foster

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s the exchange rate for social media selfies? Patrick Nathan’s provocative, sometimes jarring book "Image Control" explores the destabilization of relationships that results when... Read More

Book Review

Lost in Summerland

by Peter Dabbene

Barrett Swanson’s eloquent book "Lost in Summerland" combines personal essays, journalism, and travelogues into a memorable collection. The book opens with “Notes from a Last Man,” which at first seems to be an essay about spending... Read More

Book Review

The Kissing Bug

by Susan Waggoner

In "The Kissing Bug", Daisy Hernández recounts watching her aunt die from a little known or understood disease. Years later, Hernández set out to learn more, and entered into a harrowing medical mystery. Hernández’s memories of her... Read More

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