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Book Review

Biblical Porn

by Claire Foster

"Biblical Porn" is, like the story of Mars Hill Church, both more complex and more disturbing than it first appears. Jessica Johnson’s unsparing book offers a deep look at the sexual politics and subsequent scandals that dismantled the... Read More

Book Review


by Laura Leavitt

Searing, honest, and unflagging in its pursuit of understanding, George Yancy’s "Backlash" holds a mirror up to angry commenters and white liberals alike, forcing a reckoning with shared complicity in racism. Yancy’s now-famous 2015... Read More

Book Review

The Law of Blood

by Karl Helicher

Johann Chapoutot’s "The Law of Blood" is a meticulously researched, chilling history of Nazism’s roots and doctrines that clarifies why the ideology was widely accepted for so long. The book is a comprehensive study of the cultural,... Read More

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