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Book Review

The Network Sage

by Paige Van De Winkle

"The Network Sage" is a useful and well-researched self-help book that forwards methods for analyzing and changing relationships for the better. Glenna Crooks’s inclusive and enlightening self-help book, "The Network Sage", includes... Read More

Book Review

Thinking Just Hurts the Team

by Melissa Wuske

"Thinking Just Hurts the Team" offers a place of peace in the harried pace of professional life to bolster, rather than hamper, success. Thinking Just Hurts the Team: Find Happiness and Ignite Your Full Potential by Taking the Principles... Read More

Book Review

A World Diverse II

by Renate Childs

The eloquent language and thoughtful subjects of the poems are made prevalent. "A World Diverse II" by David Edmond is a thoughtful and passionate collection of poems that explores the most universal of life’s experiences. The work... Read More

Book Review

How to Live

by Meagan Logsdon

In "How to Live", Judith Valente lovingly roams the corridors of ecclesial history, coaxing ancient spiritual practices out of the monastery and into the everyday lives of twenty-first-century people. In the sixth century, Benedict of... Read More

Book Review

The Ownership Cycle

by Barry Silverstein

"The Ownership Cycle" is well written and thought-provoking, combining a sound theoretical overview of ownership with solid, everyday situations. Soh Jian Yi’s "The Ownership Cycle" considers how the concept of ownership can lead to a... Read More

Book Review

Life Came to a Standstill

by Katie Asher

This is a beautifully written meditation on grief, healing, and hope. "Life Came to a Standstill" is a beautiful compilation of eight stories of heartbreak and loss. Each story is written by someone who lost either a sibling or a child,... Read More

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